Poolside Conversation

Poolside Conversation

Poolside conversation is a collection of posts about everything that has to do with your pool, swimming, maintenance, equipment, toys and of course safety. Please feel free to suggest topic you might be interested in and know you can always leave comments. We welcome your feedback and are excited to share our stories with you and others. Happy swimming...

Welcome To Poolcraft inc. Northern California's Premier Pool, Spa and Solar Company

The best thing about being in California is being able to enjoy the warm mild weather all-year round. Everyone enjoys a relaxing day poolside, but we all know that having a pool is more than just cannonballs and belly flops.

There is work to be done – it takes service, maintenance and care to deliver the fun and relaxation you expect from a pool. Poolcraft can turn your pool back into what you always dreamed it would be: a beautiful, fun, stress-free zone. Poolcraft, Keeping Pools Blue Since 2002

Using the latest technology and the most thorough processes, we eliminate the hassle and time involved in cleaning your pool on your own.

Our responsive scheduling and service reports help you stay in real-time communication with your Poolcraft Tech so you will always know what's going on with your pool. Whether you are in too deep and just need some help, or you are looking for someone to maintain your swimming pool, our team is here for you.

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Poolcraft provides pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services. Each of our technicians is put through a thorough screening process before we train them to become full-fledged Technicians, dedicated to meeting our high standards, and yours. Our equipment? The most current. Our technology? Top of the line. Our support staff? First-rate. And best of all, we guarantee satisfaction: if you’re ever unhappy with our pool cleaning service, we will return to address the problem at no charge. In the unlikely event you’re still not satisfied, we will offer a refund.

What we Do:
  • Vacuum and Leaf-Eat Pool
  • Remove Surface Debris
  • Brush Pool Wall Surfaces
  • Clean Pool Tile
  • Empty Pool Baskets
  • Balance Chemicals For Ideal Swimming Water
  • Adjust Water Level
  • Service and Repair Pool Pumps
  • Inspect Pool Equipment
  • Backwash Sand and DE Filters
  • Manually Clean Cartridges And DE Filters

Green Pool?

When chemical levels are thrown off, it can cause algae to grow in the pool, turning pool water green. Once this happens, it is necessary to “shock” the water with chemicals in order to kill the algae and return the pool levels back to normal. Water without chemicals, especially if it has an algae problem, is unsafe to swim in, and can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Let us do the dirty work and you’ll be shocked at the difference we can make within just a couple of days.

Seasonal Service

Many pool owners decide to close their pools when the temperatures drop or if they are going away on a long vacation. At PoolCraft, efficiency is important and we see the value in saving time and money by closing your pool when not in use, but you have to do it the right way. Poolcraft follows a process in order to open or close the pool correctly and ensure it is primed and ready for swimming weather. Our professional seasonal services will save you time and ensure a proper start or finish of the season.