How to Revamp Your Patio

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Poolside Landscaping with these Plants
February 26, 2018
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March 4, 2018

Now that the sun has hit hard in our area we’re looking for all the best ways to transform our outdoor spaces. We’re showing you how to revamp your patio in a few simple steps.

Long hours are spent soaking up sun rays on your patio, why not make it even more beautiful! Start by picking functional furniture for your space. We love the modular style shown above, find a similar set here. There’s also tons of great options on IKEA’s website, view them here.

The best way to spruce up your patio is to add some colourful printed cushions. Find great options here on Wayfair.

Another thing to add to your patio is an outdoor rug! Home Depot has a huge selection of them seen here.

We absolutely love filling our patio space with plants, accessories, pouf ottomans, cozy throws and lanterns for after dark. You can find all of these at Home Depot.

We are still obsessing over string lights on patios! There’s tons of options from mini Edison bulbs, to copper options, to all white, and miniature lantern ones.

Hopefully these tips help you revamp your patio this Summer.


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